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Bhajan Songs

Bhajans (Bhajana or Bhajanalu in Telugu) are Devotional song. Bhajans songs can be with musical instruments. Still it is continues in few temples. Few people sing bhajan song in many villages when conducted uthsavas in temples. In the many families believes that, if they perform bhajans in their houses, home would be happiness, wealth and health.

There should be few musical instruments such as mrudhamgam, harmony, thaalamulu etc, to perform bhajans. While perform bhajan songs, singers sing songs regarding god or goddess. Some times bhajan songs can be increase mind relaxation. Nowadays, there are so many bhajan songs available in India regarding god Siva, Vishnu, Rama, Ganesh, Goddess Lakshmi etc. They are available in different languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali etc. Devotional songs available to download in many websites in online.

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