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Annavaram Sri Satyannarayana moorthi temple

Annavaram is located in Thoorpu Godhavari (East Godhavari) district in Andhrapradesh. The temple dedicated to Veera Venkata Sathannarayana Swamy (also spell satya dhevadu). It is popular pilgrimage in East Godhavari. Way connected to Annavaram by both bus and rail (train). There are many buses from Kakinada and Rajahmundry.

The temple is top of the Rathnagiri hill and beside the Pampa river. There is room facilities on top of the hill by Annavara Dhevastanam. Best Time to visit, Sathyannarayana swamy kalyanam. There are tow way to reach top of the hill by steps and road way. Sathyannaranaya swamy vratham pooja performs almost every day. There is also hotels in Annavaram City

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