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Sumati Satakam Poems

Sumati (also spell as sumathi) is one of the famous poems in Telugu. In the last line of sumathi poem has sumathi!, that is called "Makutam". Hence, Every poem has Makutam. This is a moral (neethi) poems (padhaylu) and written in kandha metre (chandassu or chandas). These poems are in school education for improve morel values in the children's in telugu schools. In this poems common telugu words and limited samskrutam (sankrit) word. Sathakamu mean 100 poems.

Here are few sumathi padhyalu

Thalanundu vishamu phanikini
Velayangaan dhOkanumdu vRuSchikamunakun
dhala dhOnka yanakanundunu
khalunaku niluvella vishamugadaraa sumathee

poem meaning

Bad person has poison in his entire body. If compare with poison in snack head and poison in scorpion tail, these are better than bad person.

Koorimigala dhinamulalO
nEramulennan dunuN galuga nEravu maRi yaa
koorimi virasaMbainanu
nEramulE thOchuchuNdu nikkamu sumathee

poem meaning

If friendship is going fine, there are no mistakes to find out. If mistake occurred in friendship, there are so many mistakes to find out in friendship.

Sumathi padyalu