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Hindu god and goddess slokas

There are many slokas (slokalu) in Hindu religion used by many devotees. Slokas are few lines of prayer (sthuthi or stuti) and have good meaning in their written language. Most of hindu religion slokas are witten in Sankrit (Samsrutam). Even thought, few of them translated their meaning into different languages such as Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali etc. Few slokas represented to gods and goddess. For example Saibaba has few kind of slokas, siva has few kind of slokas and vishnu has some kind of slokas.

There are few kind of mantras and slokas in Vedhas (vedas). Bhagavadgeeta has so many slokas. Bhagavadgeetha slokas represented to conversation between god Krishna and Arjuna.

Slokas list

ashtalakshmi stotram
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