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Mantras in Hindu religion

There are many Mantras in Hindu mythology for Hindu gods and goddess. Mantras often devotee uses when worship god or goddess and specially in some kind of Poojas (pujas). Most mantras written in sankrit (samkrutam) language and have meaning. After many mantras translated into many languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil etc,. Many mantras are in Vedhas (vedas) and also in Lakshmi Pooja (Puja) and Vinayaka chavithi etc,. Archakulu (priests) often uses some kind of mantras in Few temples when perform Poojas (pujas).

Famous Gayathri mantra

Om bhoorbhavaswaha thathsavithurvarEnhyam
BhargO DhEvasya Dheemahi diyoyonaha prachOdhayaath

Mantras list

ashtalakshmi stotram
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